The Government eventually published in August 2022 details for ECO4 funding.
ECO4 is a government energy efficiency scheme in Great Britain to tackle fuel poverty and help reduce carbon emissions.
The balancing act is to make sure that the improvements to the way we heat our homes are matched with improvements in the insulation of your home. 
To make effective improvement to the heating and insulation of your home we need a starting point.  We need to quantify as accurately as possible the present energy efficiency of your home .We at  Grant me warmth  use government software to produce an Energy Performance Report ( EPR ).
The report will contain recommendations as to how to best heat and insulate your home. We then arrange completely free of charge for your Free ECO4 grant to carry out these works. We then arrange at a date to start the installation of these works (measures). Finally handing over the finished works. We will always be on hand going forward in subsequent years should you have any requests for information, remember your home could be carbon neutral by 2050, We at Grant me Warmth  are here for that journey with you.