To reduce your Energy Bills and Enjoy a Warm Home


We arrange YOUR FREE ECO4 GRANT and make changes to WARM YOUR HOME.

ECO4 is a government energy efficiency scheme to tackle fuel poverty and energy costs.

Are you eligible?

Check if you're eligible for a Government grant

If you own/rent a property and receive income-related benefits
you are very likely to qualify for a government grant.

Not receiving any benefits?

Other ways to claim


If you're not receiving any benefits you may still qualify under the LA Flex scheme

If you are not receiving any benefits you may still qualify under the LA Flex Funding scheme (Local Authority Eligibility Flexibility).

This programme is designed to help homeowners who are not currently receiving any type of aid but are still grappling with a tight budget.

Ready to start saving money?


The Next Steps

What happens next ?

We will arrange for one of our Qualified Energy assessors to visit your home to carry out a detailed assessment of your property to enable us to design the most effective set of measures for your property.

We will then discuss these proposed measures with yourself and then with your approval, schedule these improvements to the energy efficiency of your property with your agreement.

Upon completion of the energy saving measures you can look forward to saving a good amount on your energy bills .

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The UK Government’s ECO Scheme is funded by energy suppliers and regulated by Ofgem